We’re keeping the goods close to home, so if you’re local or can make a pit stop at our New Hampshire office, you’re in luck! No shipping, just a stylish detour to our doorstep. Call or email Kyla Miller to make arrangements for payment and pick-up. Contact details below. 

Introducing Our Cozy Winter Hat

Your purchase helps us raise funds for youth athletics and the adaptive community!

Come Pick Up Your Hat!

We can’t wait to get this cozy Turtle Ridge Hat into your hands. Please call or email Kyla Miller to make arrangements to pay $35 for the hat and pick it up.


The epitome of warmth and style for $35!

Crafted with the coziest materials by our like-minded friends at Big Truck, this hat ensures your head stays toasty warm even in the chilliest winter weather. The delightful pom-pom perched on top adds an extra touch of charm, making it not just a functional accessory but a cute fashion statement as well.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this winter hat carries a special mission. By choosing this hat, you not only keep yourself warm in style but also contribute to a cause that makes a meaningful impact on the lives of young athletes and individuals in the adaptive community. It’s a wonderful way to blend fashion, warmth, and philanthropy, ensuring that every winter day is not only cozy but also filled with a sense of purpose and giving back.

The price to own this colorful Turtle Ridge Hat is $35.  Call Kyla at 603-616-5030 or send her an email to buy the hat and make pick-up arrangements. 

Bode Miller turtle ridge foundation custom winter hat with logo
Turtle Ridge Foundation Cute Winter Hat green blue aqua pom pom big truck logo on back