We Provide Grants to like minded charitable organizations

Our Mission is to provide grants to charitable organizations that enhance community, opportunity, and well being for the adaptive community and youth sports. Funding is primarily need-based, in fulfillment of our mission.

Want Some Grant Money?

We love providing grants to organizations that need funding.

Our Grants Have Helped Fund:

The TRF MonoSki Project, Tamarack Tennis Camp Scholarship Fund, Vermont Adaptive Sports, BSSP (Bethlehem Skate Park Project), and Open Door Sports. Other general donations have supported a variety of youth and adaptive sports programs. 

How we award grants

Turtle Ridge Foundation Board of Directors receives several hundred grant applications a year. Recipients are determined by a variety of criteria all focused on the needs of our adaptive community and youth programs. Please review the criteria below. If you believe your organization is in need of a grant, and you fit the criteria, click on the grant application below. 

Grant applications are accepted throughout the year and reviewed by the Turtle Ridge Board of Directors twice a year. Grants are awarded after the Board of Directors has determined the best fit for funding. Fit is determined by a combination of need, and the answers that are provided on the grant application.


It’s not mandatory that recipients are non-profits, though preference will be given to applicants that are tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and are not private foundations or Type III supporting organizations.

We’re looking for applications that stand out. Criteria includes, but is not limited, to:


  • Intended use of grant funds
  • Community enhancement
  • Short and Long term impact

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