“The challenge in life for most people is making the conscious decision to do good for others—or to do nothing.

It’s that choice that defines the individual.” 

— Bode Miller

Our History

Consistent with his family values of one human being helping another, Olympic Gold Medalist and World Cup Champion Bode Miller and his family came together in 2005 to establish the Turtle Ridge Foundation.

The Foundation seeks to provide a philanthropic platform in the community, support youth & adaptive sports programs and to offer the opportunity for our disabled community and young people to participate in a variety of sports and recreational activities that would not be available to them without our help.

Bode Miller Family Photo

Meet the Miller's

The Turtle Ridge Foundation is built on good, old fashioned family values! Simply put, we believe in people helping people.

Bruce and Sam Monoski

Making the Monoski

Your donation helps us stay on top of cutting edge technology! Together—we keep active people active!

Our Mission

To provide grants to like-minded organizations that enhance community, opportunity, and well-being for the adaptive community and youth sports programs.

Our Vision

To create long-term, positive impacts on individuals and families in adaptive communities and youth sports everywhere.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Turtle Ridge Foundation is governed by a board of directors whose members dedicate countless hours of their time toward the organization’s mission to help provide financial assistance to the adaptive community and youth sports through like-minded, charitable organizations. Our board members contribute a broad perspective of interpersonal and professional experience to every facet of the organization. Thanks to our board members for making Turtle Ridge Foundation such a vital resource!


Sam Fairchild

* Innovator in the alpine and adaptive ski sector * Former Head of Team Reeve * Assisted in the TRF Monoski Project * Skier, golfer, occasional marathoner & cyclist * Adoring husband & dedicated dog Dad *


Bruce McLaren

* Resides in Sugar Hill, NH * Citizen of Scotland * Charles Schwab Investment Advisor * Loves everything outdoors * Obliging taxi driver for his athletic kids *


Eric Girouard

* Kyla Miller's brother-in-law * Resides in North Reading, MA * CEO of BRUNT Workwear * Love the outdoors, especially the New Hampshire Mountains * Can't wait to ski Cannon with my two young sons—eventually! *

Bode Miller

Bode Miller

* Husband & Father of 8 * Woody's Son & Kyla's brother * 6 Time Olympic Medalist * World Cup Champion * Entrepreneur & Businessman * Culinary Enthusiast * Philanthropist *

Jenny Holder Turtle Ridge Foundation

Jenny Holden

* Former Manager of US Alpine Team & Team America, LLC * Paralympian agent * Passionate about Athlete Transitions, Education, Diversity and Social Change * Resides in Maine with her daughter *


Kyla Miller

* Bode's sister & Woody's daughter * Resides in Bethlehem, NH * Part-time ski instructor * Impassioned Healthy Lifestyle Advocate * Engaged community member * Loves sushi! *


Woody Miller

* Bode & Kyla's Father * Resides in Franconia, NH * Innovative thinker * Eager to educate others about carbon footprints & climate change * Not a fan of Lectins *


Jesse Worobel

* Managing Partner, Opex Technologies * Resides in Houston, TX * Diving & Tennis Dad * Loves to fish * Passionate about working with kids * Authentic Mexican - always! *

bode miller non profit turtle ridge foundation

You Can Help!

Please consider making a donation to help our adaptive community and youth sports. Every dollar counts!

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