The mission of Adaptive Sports Partners, based in Franconia, NH, is to empower individuals with disabilities by building community, confidence and skills through sport, recreation, and adventure.  We envision a community where each person can experience the benefits of leisure and sport activities, and we strive to do this by offering year-round opportunities in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and the North Country of New Hampshire.  ASP provides activities to people of all ages and all disabilities—physical, developmental, emotional, behavioral—regardless of ability to pay. 


For their steadfast support since 2009, Adaptive Sports Partners expresses profound appreciation to Turtle Ridge Foundation. Their financial assistance has fostered significant growth within our organization and allowed us to expand our programming, especially at Cannon Mountain, impacting more lives positively. Through their generous backing, we’ve been able to acquire cutting-edge equipment, breaking down barriers and ensuring that individuals of all abilities can seamlessly access sports and recreation. 


Beyond the essential program support mentioned earlier, Turtle Ridge Foundation has made our extraordinary event, Soaring Spirits Day, possible by significantly reducing the cost of glider plane rides for athletes with disabilities. This unique day provides our athletes with the exceptional opportunity to partner with the Franconia Soaring Association for glider plane rides, a truly one-of-a-kind experience our athletes look forward to each year.


The impact of Turtle Ridge Foundation’s involvement extends beyond financial contributions.  In the northern reaches of New Hampshire and Vermont, our small communities share resources and collaborate to create inclusive experiences that transcend limitations. Not only have these collaborations empowered us to eliminate financial barriers and enabled athletes to participate regardless of their ability to pay, but also, they have allowed us to forge new and meaningful partnerships. Together, we are building a more inclusive and accessible world where everyone, regardless of ability, may enjoy the transformative power of sports and recreation.