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 Turtle Ridge Foundation is revolutionizing the idea, weight, style, functions and price of monoskis previously available. The TRF Monoski reflects cutting edge technology, testing and materials.

Inspired by Turtle Ridge Foundation by Richard Nici

"I am continually inspired by the work of the TRF; other sports could be fun and good exercise, but nothing else allows me to be outdoors and move with people and organizations in the Northeast the way skiing does. I enjoy the camaraderie both on and off the slopes which is apart of what makes  the freedom of skiing such a joy. 
Winter seasons can be depressing and frustrating for people with disabilities, preventing access to exercise, friends and family. Without organizations like TRF, I cringe at the thought of what my life would be like for those long winter months. Because of your gift, I can go to any mountain with family & friends all season long. Before having my own ski. Before having my own personal monoski, I was restricted to one ski area which had dated but decent equipment - when it was available. This gift from TRF allows me to get out on the hill with without being concerned about scheduling, availability or added costs
Cam is perfect "spokes" person (a little handicapped humor!) for the TRF MonoSKi and adaptive skiing in general. The amount of time and dedication he put into my TRF ski was unbelievable. He made sure every screw, nut, bolt and strap was put in the perfect position on my ski. Not only did I receive a TRF MonoSki, but also got a hands on lesson about the shock and seating systems. He even fixed my broken outrigger without any hesitation. Cam and I spent about 15 hours over a weekend customizing just about every inch of my new TRF MonoSki. To say I am excited to get out on the mountain and test the cutting edge technology and material TRF uses, is an understatement! Cam is a wealth of knowledge and a fun guy to be around.
Turtle Ridge Foundation is a very unique and motivating organization which has inspired me and many others the ability to live life to the fullest. I can't thank you enough for the TRF MonoSKi set up. TRF is making such a positive change in so many peoples lives. I look forward to seeing many more TRF MonoSkis on the slopes"  - Richard Nici


Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, TRF is thrilled to be in a position to gift our exclusive TRF mMonoSkis out to deserving individuals and dedicated adaptive sports programs after reviewing the answers to our request forms above. Please be honest, personal and detailed.