"The challenge in life for most people is making the conscious decision to do good for others or to do nothing. It’s that choice that defines the individual."
-- Bode Miller

Consistent with his family values of one human being helping another, Olympic Gold Medalist and World Cup Champion Bode Miller and his family came together in 2005 to establish the Turtle Ridge Foundation. The Foundation seeks to a provide a philanthropic platform in the community, support youth & adaptive sports programs and to offer the opportunity for our disabled community and young people to participate in a variety of sports and recreational activities that would not be available to them without our help.

Our Mission

The Turtle Ridge Foundation is proud to be a non-profit organization supporting adaptive and youth sports programs.

The adaptive and youth sports programs in our communities experience a variety of obstacles and often lack essential support, equipment and funding needed to succeed. While all of us make our way through life’s struggles, the disabled community and the children need the most encouragement and opportunity to explore their athletic capabilities.

The Turtle Ridge Foundation is privileged to be in a position to offer grants, scholarships, general funding and periodically gift and deliver the exclusive TRF MonoSki to the adaptive and youth sports world.

The TRF MonoSKi

The TRF Monoski frame is constructed of 6061 aluminum and designed to increase strength, minimize weight while maximizing performance, control and comfort. Judicious cutouts serve to both minimize wind resistance and decrease the ski's weight. The ski's overall design was formulated by a MIT professor with the use of CAD and finite element analysis software. The parallel mechanism suspension was designed by careful kinematic analysis to allow the skier to maintain a favorable posture through its entire range of deflection. This suspension is coupled to a high performance progressive rate Ohlin's shock with a wide range of compression and rebound adjustability. This helps maintain contact with the snow there for increasing control and comfort. The Bucket/Seat is made by Aspen seating and Ride designs. The ski's low profile results in a low center of gravity position that is closer to the snow, which aids turning performance and allows for easy ingress and egress. Weather an elite racer or a beginner...The TRF mono ski is excellent for every level of skiing!

Turtle Ridge Grants at a Glance

With assistance from individual contributors, corporate sponsors, private donors, charity event appearances by Bode Miller and Turtle Ridge's own fundraisers we have the honor to support a wide variety of organizations that are aligned with its mission. This includes:

  • VASS (Vermont Adaptive Ski & Sport)

  • NH Boys & Girls Club of America

  • Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center

  • National Ability Center

  • Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

  • Safe Route to School Bike Program

  • ASPNC (Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country)

  • Adaptive Action Sports, Inc.

  • Steamboat Adaptive Recreational Sports (S.T.A.R.S.)

  • New England Disabled Sports (NEDS)

  • Y.E.S. (Youth Enrichment Services)

  • The Tony Hawk Foundation

  • The Laura Foundation

  • Copper Cannon Camp

  • Eastern Adaptive Sports (EAS)

  • D'Acres

  • And various other adaptive sports programs, NH based youth summer camps and scholarship programs

Enriching the lives of others and building strong communities is what Turtle Ridge is all about.

The success of the foundation and the affiliate charities supported depends largely on the goodwill and generosity received from the public.